Cécile Bois sick with coronavirus, it is reassuring

This is great news just announced by the actress Cécile Bois in the belgian press. In the fight against the coronavirus in the past few weeks, the young woman sees the end of the tunnel.

Thunderclap at the end of march on the social networks. While France was moving into its second week of containment to combat the coronavirus, the actress Cécile Bois, the interpreter of Candice Renoir, showed up on her over Instagram fight against the famous virus for several days already. “The last week, which was the last of my confinement was not funny at all, told it in a video posted on IGTV. I have had enough of fear as each time, all of a sudden you wringing out your lungs and you can no longer take to the air. “Followed by a doctor in a vision-conference, the actress refused to go to the hospital for the same. “I’ve always been a veil on the lungs, which only suffocating me more but that I out of breath at the slightest effort, described it this Thursday, march 26, on C News. Call the 15, that meant taking the risk of burdening the medical system, and we were told a lot that the hospitals were overloaded. “

Released issued ?

In this period where France is concerned about the face of the tsunami of the coronavirus, where the great figures of the popular struggle against the disease, and where doctors, politicians and journalists keep on repeating the order to remain at home, a good news is more than welcome. This is what comes to offer Cécile Bois in the columns of the belgian magazine Evening Mag. On the occasion of an interview she has given to our confreres, the young woman dares to speak of the future, including the characters that she portrayed in other tv movies that Candice Renoir. “By endorsing other roles, it allows me to put myself in danger and break some automation, grants to the young woman. It is rewarding and beneficial. “Speaking of danger, where does it stand in its fight against the Covid-19 ? It is precisely the good news of the day in this respect. When the journalists ask him how will she, Cécile Bois replies : “so Much better ! Thank you. This is not yet quite finished, but it is in the phase of the be. “To reassure his fans that find themselves in the eighth season of Candice Renoir.