Cecile Gres Baby: Tour de France Update & 1st Pic of Adorable Newborn


Cécile Grès Becomes a Mother

After an announcement last February, it took nearly 5 months for Cécile Grès to give birth to her first child. The 35-year-old journalist had already taken a break from the France Télévisions sets for several weeks to prepare for the arrival of her little baby and it was her colleagues who were the first to make the announcement. This happened at the beginning of the Tour de France show, on France 3. As the cyclists were about to start the stage of the day, the journalist Nicolas Geay decided to announce the good news live to the viewers. “I have some very good news to tell you, I would like to congratulate on behalf of the sports service our friend Cécile Grès who has been a mother since last night,” said the journalist, who thus informed us that the baby of the journalist specialized in rugby, but who will change direction at the start of the school year, was born on July 4.

Raphael: The Newborn’s Name

But Nicolas Geay did not stop there since he also revealed the name of the newborn and it is Raphael. The pretty brunette has thus become the mother of a little boy! “Welcome to him and congratulations to the mother and father,” concluded the colleague of Cécile Grès, before Alexandre Pasteur, the host of the show, took the floor: “Congratulations to Cécile, to the father of course and lots of happiness to Cécile’s family.”

Warm Congratulations From Family and Friends

For her part, the Parisian who has passed through Eurosport and L’Équipe did not take long to publish the first photo of her little Raphael. On her Instagram account, followed by more than 65,000 subscribers, she waited a few hours before showing her community the face of her son. “Our little boy,” she writes simply with a white heart emoji in the caption of a black and white photo of the newborn. News that has obviously delighted the friends of the journalist, starting with her colleague Isabelle Ithurburu, who sent her a series of heart emojis. Her partner Yodelice is not to be outdone since he also sent a little message: “Congratulations!!!”, he says with emojis to celebrate this beautiful moment. A wonderful news for Cécile Grès, who has just become a mother for the first time!


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