Cedric Jubillar, huge slacker according to Delphine’s lover: She was embarrassed of him.


The Investigation

Cedric Jubillar, a “slacker”? That’s what Jean, Delphine’s former lover and “confidant”, thinks, who disappeared in the night of December 15th to 16th 2020 in Cagnac-Les-Mines. The Dépêche du Midi has indeed revealed a damning audition of the one who was long nicknamed “the lover of Montauban” in this investigation.

The Relationship

According to him, the nurse from Tarn and her husband were “poles apart”. “She [Delphine] didn’t tell me much bad [about Cédric], at no moment could I have had the suspicion of what he had done to her. He was a slacker, a sluggard, a drug addict, an opportunist,” he confided during his audition. Not knowing Cédric personally, Jean had met Delphine in the summer of 2020 through a dating app and had officially declared his relationship with the mother of Louis and Elyah to his partner (he was in a relationship at the time of their story). “It was official on December 15th,” he said in front of the judges. “The two lovers had even bought a box of wine to celebrate their future union and their projects for 2021,” according to the regional newspaper.

The Scenario

During his interview, he evokes the night of the drama and the possible murder of Delphine Jubillar. “For a very long time, I had doubts that it was not Cédric, I asked questions until the end. When I saw the photos of the house in the press, I was stunned. That’s when I saw we were dealing with a slum (…) For me I thought that night (December 15th 2020), she had argued with him and that she had left to walk the dogs, just because it allowed her to get some air, and that she had been kidnapped, that she was being held somewhere, but that she would come back. That she had suffered, but that she would come back. I believed it with all my heart,” he confided. He also sadly evokes the way Cédric was hated by Delphine’s loved ones. “She was ashamed of him in society, everywhere, when they went to the restaurant, the friends, the girlfriends, yes he was very vulgar. Delphine talked to me about it, Anne [a friend] confirmed it to me.” A not very flattering portrait… Cédric Jubillar remains innocent of the charges against him until the final judgment of this case.


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