Ceremony of the César 2020 : Florence Foresti unveils the trailer and sets the tone

On 28 February, the Ceremony of César, to be held at the Salle Pleyel in Paris. As in 2016 it is Florence Foresti who has inherited the function of master of ceremonies, a position which she prepares as she revealed on Instagram on February 11.

The 45th award Ceremony of the César prepares under high-voltage. A few months ago, the photographer, Valentine Monnier revealed that she was raped, then she was only 18 years old, by the director of I accuse, Roman Polanski. Despite the controversy the film had been a huge success and is happening today, with 12 nominations for the Césarof reign without sharing in the evening. Of how indignant the women’s associations who do not understand the sacrosanct differentiation “between the man and his work”. They are today, and dozens of others have called for a boycott of the evening in an open letter published in the newspaper Le Parisien.In it, he is also asked to professionals of the cinema not to vote for the work of Roman Polanski. The letter also states : “By the 12 appointments, the world of cinema hasprovided support frank and unconditional to a rapist on the loose,who has admitted to having drugged and raped a 13 year old child and fled the american justice “. Also the breakfast on February 9 at Fouquet’s – where the nominees are invited – has been shunned by several personalities , among which Céline Sciamma or Adèle Haenel. The ceremony is in danger ?

Florence Foresti is preparing

Florence Foresti has without doubt understand, it is the little soldier on whose shoulders the success of the ceremony depends entirely.The stand-up comedian that doesn’t seem completely neutral, not more will she has to infuse enough humor and second degree in the evening which promises to be particularly stormy ? The mom, Toni is preparing in any case. On February 11, she revealed on her account Instagram the trailer Caesar. By a very clever mounting the actress replaces Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie Perfect, where the latter played an aerobics instructor in a fitness club. For a minute, and 4 seconds, Florence Foresti – which lost its glory over the session – exchange of glance hot with a young and sémillant John Travolta undulating basin in underpants bent, totally eighties. The sequence also shifted as odd concludes with a voice-over that promises “Florence Foresti, shape, and flexibility to present the 45th ceremony of the César Friday 28 February, in the clear, live and only on Canal+” . It is sure that it will have the flexibility to avoid all the pitfalls that promises this evening…

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