Cesare Cremonini: “My father had a stroke in front of me so I got closer to God.”

In the most difficult moments, faith can help a lot. And has helped Cesare Cremonini few years ago, when his father had a stroke in front of him, as told on the pages of 7, the magazine of Corriere della Sera.

“A few years ago my father had a stroke in front of me, at dinner, – has explained the singer-songwriter bolognese – we Were passing a lovely evening in the Piazza Santo Stefano, one of the most beautiful postcards of Bologna, when his words began to fall on the table. His voice disappeared and came back accompanied by a massive headache. We decided to go home. Once you have arrived in the countryside outside of Bologna, where he still lives, stopped talking. The taken to the hospital, crossing kilometers of road in the middle of the field paying no attention to traffic lights or junctions”.

A race against time, trying in every way to keep him awake in the car, then in the hospital that waiting interminable: “It worked immediately and I found myself praying for him in the lounge. ‘God let me feel once more his voice!’. Even if I don’t want to happen ever again, that moment profoundly changed my life, my relationship with him and my spirituality. The surgery was successful and after two weeks of silence and words replaced my father came to say my name correctly. The voice is the most important thing that we have.”