Chantal Lauby : he confides to the moon on his passion for trees

Chantal Lauby is a true lover of nature and wished to preserve it. Interviewed by radio Europe 1 this Friday, may 22, the actress has entrusted its a few small habits to the attention of trees that it is called upon to meet on its passage.

Chantal Lauby



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Chantal Lauby is a lover of nature. Initially contacted by Europe 1 to treat of the film Ground, out in 2018, the actress has deviated the subject to speak of his love for the trees, that she regretted not so much to be able to kiss. “I embrace less at the moment because I’m going under on the docks, where there was my tree. And most of the trees that I love are behind the gates of the garden of Our Lady,” said the septuagenarian before continuing : “I can’t approach the weeping willow which I was going to touch the branches , but I talk to them, each time I pass I said to them, ‘Ohlala you are more beautiful, the decrease in pollution has made you well!'”. Although these remarks may seem curious to some, the actress assumes clearly his words “I look ridiculous but I talk to them. I crazy because I hear them and I know they hear me”. This is a speech for the less assumed that might remind one ofanother actress.

Chantal Lauby, naturophile and proud

Chantal Lauby is a part of the many personalities who wish to reconnect with nature. Among these last figure also Brigitte Bardot. A few weeks ago, BB said, enjoy the period of confinement : “I do not like the company of Humans. They bug me ! I love to be in my campaign, with my animals and my trees in flower. Here, the sunsets are beautiful” she said, while warning the French about their behaviour towards nature : “It has been plundered, drilled, ravaged the land, polluted the rivers and oceans. The Earth gives us a final warning “. This should make it reflect more of.