Charlotte Casiraghi is pregnant again: the belly suspicion during the honeymoon

Less than a month from the wedding to the fairy-tale with Dimitri Rassam, Charlotte Casiraghi was photographed during the honeymoon with the neosposo, wearing a swimsuit that seems to bind up a sweet roundness.

The weekly who publishes the shots of the daughter of Carolina of Monaco on the beaches of Corsica is in no doubt: the princess is expecting a child, the second husband, producer the son of Carole Bouquet, with whom she had Balthazar, born 9 months ago. The family was already enlarged of the pair may as well welcome another member: the 33-year-old Charlotte, in fact, is also a mother of Raphael for 5 years and a half, born from her relationship with the actor Gad Elmaleh, and ended in the summer of 2015; Dimitri Rassam , the father of Darya, born from the marriage with the Russian model Masha Novoselova.


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On the number of “Who” from tomorrow on newsstand, a series of large exclusive: Charlotte Casiraghi is in honeymoon with her husband Dimitri Rassam while by Montecarlo comes a sensational news; Charlotte wait again for a son. The moving images of Raoul Bova, tender father, on vacation with Rocio and her two daughters. Andrea and Veronica Bocelli will welcome us in their house, and the party followed to the two great concerts of the benefits: “With the music we are doing good”. And yet the exceptional exclusive images of Kim Rossi Stuart was photographed as he returns home with the second child just born. And speaking of births, only about “Who” the exclusive images of Domenico Presents, the first son of one of the couples more media in tv: the one formed by Rosa Perrotta and Peter Presents. All this and much more on “Who” @chimagazineit on newsstands from Wednesday 31 July. β€’ β€’ #scoop #bambinireali #raoulbova #rociomorales #andreabocelli #veronicaberti #andreabocellifoundation #kimrossistuart #rosaperrotta #pietrotartaglione #chimagazineit #uominiedonne

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Charlotte Casiraghi’s bride: the necklace (grandma’s), Grace Kelly and the wedding dress that pays homage to Karl Lagerfeld

Charlotte Casiraghi pregnant: photos during the honeymoon with Dimitri Rassam

On march 25, 2018 Charlotte has announced her engagement to the producer Dimitri Rassam, son of French actress Carole Bouquet, and on the 23rd of October 2018 was born in monte carlo, their first son, Balthazar. On June 1, 2019, the couple was married in the Principality of Monaco, in a civil ceremony on 29 June in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, the couple is married in a religious ceremony. And now the news that spreads the good news to the couple.

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