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Chiara Ferragni anxiety: Finding Peace with Need for Control

The Need for Control

One of the most powerful scenes of the second season of The Ferragnez is the one in which Chiara Ferragni scolds Fedez for mentioning something in front of the cameras that she wanted to keep for herself. In the face of this unexpected situation, Chiara reacts as one would expect from someone who has always been used to having control of their narrative: she tries to find a safe foothold to which she can cling to quickly bring the conversation back to the predictable tracks. However, life teaches us that control of what happens around us is only valid to a certain extent, and Chiara Ferragni has learned this the hard way.

The Reason for Control

The reason why Chiara Ferragni is, like many of us, used to having everything under control is soon said: her career has been successful precisely because it was mostly her and her team who decided how to present themselves to the fans. Nothing in Chiara’s public life was left to chance: on Instagram, in fact, it is possible to decide anything. From light to caption, from shooting angle to publication time. All things that in the real world, but also in different media such as television, when you are not the one dictating the times but the production, are not possible. It is probably for this reason that Chiara Ferragni has ventured very little over the years into experiences she feared she would not be able to manage, and it is obviously for this reason that she decided to accept the Sanremo proposal very late compared to when it was first proposed to her.

The Change of Control

Even Chiara Ferragni Unposted, her documentary available on Prime Video, has from the beginning shown a control of the narrative to the point of obsession, since the portrait of her that comes out smells too good to be true. Over time, however, something has changed, and the proof of this is given by The Ferragnez, since Chiara has decided to trust the authors and to show also the things that would have made her appear more insecure, but also more true. The frame of the fight, for example, could easily have been cut from the final editing, but this was not the case: it is likely that Ferragni was forced to make peace both with the fact of not being perfect and with the certainty that in life you cannot control everything.



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