Chiara Ferragni before influencer in Italian, Fedez-third and one sister Valentina precedes De Lellis

Chiara Ferragni is one of the characters Italian the world’s most influential and certainly the Italian character in the most influential of all, if we intend the adjective “influential” in its contemporary sense, that is, the ability of interaction on social networks. To confirm something that you could already imagine with ease is the rank of the influencer in Italian of January 2020, drawn up by Sensemakers based on data from Shareablee. The entrepreneur is firmly in first place, confirming the figure for the previous month, with about 61 million interactions between Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, almost tripling the figure that refers to the second place in the standings, where surprise, there are Own goals, the trio of comedian that makes parodies video with a football theme (for their 24 million interactions).

Fedez to the third place of the influencer in Italian

But the podium seems to be a family affair, since in the third position there is Fedez, husband of Chiara Ferragni, to 16.6 million interactions, demonstrating that the telenovela of the Ferragnez, that every day tell the own everyday life through dozens of stories, Instagram, keeps the italians literally glued to the screen. Are 7.9 million interactions overall Diletta Leotta, the presenter is in fourth position at the net distance by Fedez. And yet 6.6 million for the foodblogger Benedetta Rossi, thanks to its channel “home-Made from Blessed” is in the fifth position.

Valentina Ferragni in front of Giulia De Lellis

And the share Ferragni is not over, since in the sixth position there is the sister of Chiara, Valentina Ferragni, who, with 6.5 million interactions in total in the month of January precedes even Giulia De Lellis, steady at 6.5 million, despite its reputation as a television. In eighth place there is the model and influencer in Paola Turani with 5.6 million interactions, and to close the top ten there are Alice Campello and Elisa Maino.

On the twelfth place, it is noticed for Last with 4.4 million interactions, while closing the ranking of the top 15 influencers in Italy there is Gianluca Vacchi, with 3.4 million interactions in total in the month of January.