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Chiara Ferragni criticism: No one can make us feel wrong

Celebrating Freedom and Self-Love

Standing in front of the mirror in a dressing room wearing only underwear, one hand holding a smartphone and the other covering her chest, Chiara Ferragni was only trying to take a selfie with a play of reflections, as the caption explains, but it has caused a social uproar. Numerous followers, including very young ones, have criticized the photo, sparking a heated debate. “I’m 11 years old and if I see 15-year-old girls taking these kinds of photos I find them inappropriate,” reads one comment that has collected thousands of likes.

Chiara’s Response to Criticism

Chiara decided to respond to this comment in person, explaining and arguing her point. “My message to everyone, young and old, is very simple: nobody can judge us or make us feel wrong,” began the 36-year-old entrepreneur, who just three months ago on the Sanremo stage defended the concept of “Think Free”. “Posting a picture like this should not make anyone feel ashamed.” “On the contrary, it should show that everyone is free to be themselves and celebrate it whenever they feel like it,” she added. “Why should a woman in lingerie be ashamed of her body? Why should she be afraid of giving the wrong idea instead of feeling good in her own skin? We’ve been taught that women can’t take risks: this is one of the many ways I use to take the freedom we should all have.” “Am I making the puritans angry? Mission accomplished then.



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