Chiara Ferragni in tears, Matilda has a tumor: “Will have to do radiotherapy”

An ice-cold shower for Chiara Ferragni. Matilda, his beloved dog, has cancer. He did know the influencers on Instagram, with the voice almost broken by tears: “it was a day of tremendous today. While I was in a meeting, our dog had seizures and we had to bring a neurologist veterinarian, get them an mri, and then addormentarla. She has already ten years and even that was a risk, especially in her condition”.

“We have discovered that a tumor – continues to tell claire, who with his followers share everything – We need to keep it under control, giving of medicines. Now maybe we need to start a radiation therapy, has yet to understand. I’m really scared, I thought I was losing it today, and I’m happy that it has stabilized, we hope the best. Please send all the vibes positive that you have”. Many messages of affection for Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, in fear for Matilda , which is an integral part of the family.

The dog – a French bulldog – is still under observation, as all know, the Ferragni in the latest update, the social: “it is admitted to our vet to be monitored 24 hours on 24 for any seizures, and figure out the perfect dosing for you of all the medicines anti-seizure. On Wednesday, we hope she can return home and then begin the sessions of radiation therapy, hoping that the tumor does not increase in size. Unfortunately, we discovered that this type of cancer is very common in the bulldog and French like her. Keep in your thoughts that want you with us yet many years.”

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Chiara Ferragni has taken Matilda 10 years ago, when he had just created the blog ‘The Blond Salade’, which marked the beginning of his success. The entrepreneur, on the digital legatissima to his Mati, she is also a true star of the social networks. On Instagram has over 300 thousand followers, not to mention the presence of almost fixed in the post of his mistress, which makes her a she-dog is famous all over the world.