Chiara Valerio: “We want to lightness”

This article has been published on 30/31 of Vanity Fair in the newsagents until 11th August

Up to a certain point of life, to see, if not the color, at least the mood, of the day, you flipped open a random book and read a sentence. Then, after years, you have understood that, having a character of melancholy, the eye will always fell on the lines, a little cheerful, a little proactive. And, above all, that the book on the bedside table it was always Anna Karenina. So you have decided to rely on the meteoropatia. And it was not difficult, in fact, happy sun, rain, sad.

Even if, for the melancholy of the above, sometimes the rain brings you joy. Years light in which the weather has indicated the direction. But then, suddenly, something has changed, especially in the summer. A shot of the metabolism, probably.
Or the new job. Or two too many Margaritas the night before. The wind, too. Suddenly, when I wake up, not raised the shutter, I looked at his legs to see if a new vein, a capillary on the calf, had become more visible, if, in spite of the socks and the habit of drinking infusions-draining, cellulite had gained another inch of thigh. At a certain point, in short, after years of consoling, simple meteoropatia in which you pretend that the body won’t care – you didn’t care, but do not want anyone noticing, did you think that women are intelligent and educated do not care about certain things, you realized that the color of your day depended on by him. And not just from the cellulite, or by the capillaries, but from the fact that the eyebrows were in order, that the hair had the shape of a jellyfish beached, and that, for example, the annoying hairs on the big toe were not, for a reason obscure, for a fate’s joke, to dadaism, had escaped the tweezers. The mood of the day depended on the facial skin is not too dry. From a certain point onwards, the only thing that could make you change mood it was – and still is – to take care of the body.

On the other hand, you should have to think about it before – where was the intelligence? – when three years ago you gave me a small cactus in flower, and have you thought about (in order): the flower was made of tissue paper fuchsia, then that it was true, and therefore, it would be dead in a matter of a few days. Not only the flower is not dead, but is back the second season, because you have taken care of the cactus thanks to a short tutorial on YouTube. Not to mention the years of study spent in taking notes that they would in order to be understandable (and sellable), or the years of work, these, where to keep up to date with the agenda – you even have a paper planner – allows you to have the overall vision, and that perspective always wonder all. Or maybe it’s just comforts them.

Take the time, give an order, to treat. Did you understand that humor is your smooth legs (as much as is possible), in your hair and blow-dry (as much as is possible), in the eyebrows in order (as much as is possible), in the skin hydrated (as much as you can, given your love for the Gintonic), and in those herbal teas which, even if they make you think of graze incontinence, slow down the advance of the cellulite (as much as is possible). So, now, in the morning you look in the mirror and without the phrases and without the weather, with a smile, investigator, you make to indicate the sense of the day from your body.