Chico Darin is the boyfriend of Ursula Corbero, Tokyo de “The house of paper”

One of the most anticipated tv makes its return on Netflix, we’re speaking of “The house of paper” came in its third season, airing from Friday, July 19. We see, then, again, the Professor and the beautiful Tokyo, as well as the other characters, in the form of a new, more evolved, mature, and discover new facets. But even in private life there are those who live a love of film, and it is the fascinating Tokyo, Ursula Corbero, for years now betrothed to the handsome actor Chino Darin.

Who is Chino Darin

His full name is Ricardo Mario Darín Bas and is an argentine actor of thirty years. The son of art, from the moment that the father is Ricardo Darin , one of the actors most successful in the film industry in the american south. Followed on Instagram, tapping almost a million fans, is one of the emerging players the most talked-about of the moment. His career began in 2010, taking part in the argentina “Alguien que me quiera”, a short time later joined the cast of another television series, Los Unicos, which begins to give it more visibility. While the feature film debut came in 2011 in the film En fuera de juego. However, the success real, in spite of other collaborations in the following years, it comes from 2014 when it is co-star of the movie ” Death in Buenos Aires, where interpreting the policeman homosexual El Ganso gets numerous awards, cemented his reputation; so much so that in 2015, HBO wants to make him a role in the series “El Hipnotizador”.

In 2016, the year that he met Ursula Corbero, participated in the television series “The embassy”. Several were the roles he played in the course of these last few years, including the film “La noche de 12 años” , presented at the Venice Film festival in 2018. Recent is also his character in the romantic comedy “laws of thermodynamics” produced by Netflix. Significant, without a doubt, his role in the film “The angel of crime” on the life of Robledo Puch, a serial killer of the country, where he has played in his partner criminal Ramón Peralta.

The love story of Ursula Corbero

Chino Darìn and Ursula Corbero they met on the set of the series “The embassy” and from that moment on, they have not left. It was rumored that the actor could be joining the cast of the third installment of “La casa de papel “, but it was not to be. In the meantime, most times, the Corbero, even on his profile on Instagram, has woven the praises of his partner, calling himself fortunate to have a man that treats her with respect and equality. In close proximity to the airing of the first installment of the note series tv, Darìn dedicates a post to his girlfriend in which he writes: “I miss you, tomorrow I’ll see you in the third season of house of card and this will make it more bearable, but I miss you anyway.”

Te extraño by. A partir de mañana te veré rompiéndola en la 3era temporada de @lacasadepapel , lo cual va a hacer la espera a little más soportable… Pero igual te extraño by. ❤️

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