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Chris Hemsworth Birthday Bash: Celebrating 40 Years!

Chris Hemsworth’s 40th Birthday Celebrations

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Another trip around the sun and still all good! I can safely say not a single piece of cake made it through the night. Chris Hemsworth thanked those who wished him a happy 40th birthday this way.

From Australian Soap Operas to Hollywood

Round number for the Thor interpreter as Elsa Pataky, the actor’s wife born in Melbourne on August 11, 1983 from an English teacher and a social services consultant who had three children all entered into the world of cinema, pointed out. “This is exactly the face I made when I turned 40 my love,” writes the wife, “But don’t worry, it will all be okay! I will be here for you too, I will hold your hand and reveal all my beauty secrets even though you look more beautiful than ever”. Chris Hemsworth started from the Australian soap operas to get to Hollywood. At the audition for the role of Thor he presented himself with the colleague Tom Hiddleston, who would then get the part of the villain Loki. He also went with ten pounds of muscles which have become one of his distinguishing features. His athletic preparation is legendary and he has also created an app to give indications of nutrition, exercise and mindfulness.

Family Life and Genetic Predisposition

With Elsa Pataky, known and married in 2010, he has three children: in 2012 the eldest daughter India Rose was born and in 2014 the twin sons, Sasha and Tristan. A few months ago the actor revealed to have a genetic predisposition to Alzheimer’s and to have therefore slowed down his work commitments deciding to stay closer to the family. The most appreciated birthday wishes are those of his children.



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