Christian Estrosi wedding: Laura Tenoudji accepts, with one condition.


Christian Estrosi and Laura Tenoudji

Christian Estrosi, who is celebrating his 68th birthday this Saturday, July 1st 2023, is a fulfilled man alongside Laura Tenoudji. The two lovebirds have been married since November 2016. “We worked on a digital event in Nice, for the Innovative City fair. At first, it was purely professional, we got closer. It’s a very serene, deep but not flighty or fiery relationship,” the journalist told Nice-Matin about their meeting. In June 2022, during an interview with Paris Match, it was Christian Estrosi’s turn to discuss their relationship, and in particular to reveal this conversation he had with the pretty blonde before their union. “My wife whom I adore told me: ‘I warn you, I only accept your marriage proposal on one condition, that you never go into the government.

The Parents of an Adorable Little Girl

Since August 5th 2017, they are the parents of an adorable little girl named Bianca, whom the Télématin columnist photographed on April 9th on the occasion of an “Easter lunch in the sun”, with her and the Mayor of Nice. To return to their union, the two lovers recently celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary. Last November to be precise. “Celebrating love!”, commented Laura Tenoudji on her Instagram account, sharing a series of photos of her couple. “6 years already #nocesdechypre. I love my wife,” Christian Estrosi wrote on his Instagram page. A fulfilled couple, who do not hesitate to show themselves in public, whether at the Cannes Film Festival or simply in the streets of Nice, their city. They have already been seen very complicit at the city’s famous Carnival, which usually takes place in February every year.

Previous Relationships

In the past, Christian Estrosi was married to Dominique Estrosi Sassone, daughter of Jean Sassone (deputy mayor of Nice from 1977 to 1995) and senator. The couple divorced in 2014 and had two daughters born in 1985 and 1988. For her part, Laura Tenoudji is also the mother of Milan, a boy born in August 2009 whom she had with Michael Tapiro. To prove that the exes have remained on good terms, Laura Tenoudji attended the wedding of her son’s father celebrated in February 2020 by her husband Christian Estrosi.


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