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Christine Queens liberation: Understanding Man Freed My Voice.

The Evolution of Christine and the Queens

Having seen the light of day on June 1st 1988, Christine and the Queens revealed herself to the public in 2014 with the release of her first album. With more than one million copies sold, the latter was certified diamond disc. In parallel, the artist won four awards at the Victoires de la Musique.

The Success of Chris

Faced with such success, a second album was released four years later. This time, it was under the pseudonym of Chris that the singer released this disc, given that he is now gendered as male. This new album was a huge success internationally, particularly in the Anglo-Saxon countries.

The Interview with Le Monde

After releasing a third album under the pseudonym of Redcar in 2022, he took back the name of Christine and the Queens for his fourth album, available since Friday June 9th 2023. On the occasion of the release of this disc, titled Paranoïa, Angels, True Love, the musician gave an interview to the newspaper Le Monde. During this interview, Christine and the Queens was asked about her evolution. “Before starting to make music, I really thought about stopping living, because I did not understand why I was born in this body. I then drew this character of Christine who freed me for the first time, but imperfectly, because I was not completely allowed to be there as a person. Since the death of my mother, understanding myself as a man has freed my voice. My register is now more faithful to who I am, I feel full of myself,” said the singer. “What interests me is to sing with the heart, as Freddie Mercury did. It gives a texture to the interpretation, an exquisiteness to the voice and to melodies enriched by harmonic complexity. I recorded the voices alone, in the morning, always keeping the first take,” also added Christine and the Queens. During the same interview, the musician was also invited to react to the aggressive comments he is the target of on social networks, since his gender change. “There may be something in me, in my search for freedom, that triggers this type of reaction. I’m not looking to provoke, but to be a beautiful person, a daring artist. Few people know, for example, how painful it can be to be dissociated from who you really are. It’s been ten years that I’ve been talking about it in my art, but part of my life was still a lie. We must understand that I am a man of my word,” he said.



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