Christophe Beaugrand clashe TPMP Cyril Hanouna warns

And it is divided between Cyril Hanouna and Christophe Beaugrand. A commentary on the TF1 journalist has revived the guéguerre with the host Key not at my post.

Between Cyril Hanouna and Christophe Beaugrand, this is not a beautiful love story. And the containment did not help things. Often dézingué in Key not at my post by Matthew Delormeau, the host of TF1 was also the voice against the hellion of C8 during the broadcast to the antenna of naked pictures of Karine Ferri. Suffice to say that the atmosphere has always been very electric between the two stars of the PAF. But it is a small comment of the journalist that gave fire to the powder. This all started from a post of the daddy of Valentine’s day on Twitter. “Friends, you may have heard of these caregivers that receive messages terrible to their neighbours asking them to move for fear of contamination. It’s a shame ! If a nurse concerned me bed, it gives you the word tomorrow on LCI in The Morning ” he wrote on the social network.

The ultimate provocation

This call to witness was made to react to many internet users and, in particular, a viewer, a little too fan of Cyril Hanouna. He pointed out that the story had already been referred to in Key not at my post. What do pounce Christophe Beaugrand, who replied : “Oh, sorry, I don’t watch this show, and I don’t need it to do my work. Thank you. “An answer that was not at all pleased to be the host of the talk show. And he did know his brother in a message to scathing on Twitter. “Oh my, Christophe Beaugrand, quiet, you my baby!!! Not take the fly, it is in a period of confinement, take it easy the maggot ! Not attack the viewers ! Take care of yourself my darling, you have the air on the edge there “, launched by Cyril Hanouna on the social network. The provocation too ?

Bah my @Tof_Beaugrand calm you, my baby!!! Not take the fly,it is in a period of containment mollo the maggot! Not attack the viewers! Take care of you my darling t as l air at the edge there 😂😂Kisses and forgets the wars of the string at this time c not the priority😉

— Cyril Hanouna (@Cyrilhanouna) March 26, 2020

Ah sorry I don’t watch this show, and I don’t need it to do my job thank you 😂😂😂

— Christophe Beaugrand-Gerin (@Tof_Beaugrand) March 26, 2020