Cindy Crawford more and more worried for the mental health of her son Presley

Cindy Crawford, more and more worried for her son Presley. The former top model is looking for a specialist, who will be able to save his child.

The last actions of his son, concerned at the highest point. Cindy Crawford is a mom anxious, and wants to help her child, Presley. It must be said that the latest actions of the young man of 20 years are enough to arouse the deep concern of his parents.. Lately, on a video posted on social networks, viewers were able to see the train pulling up to the gun, where these words disturbing were written : “It was me before, innocent, before these horrible tattoos”. In addition, the son of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerberrecently made a tattoo on the face the word “misunderstood”, understand “misunderstood”. A word that says a lot about his state of mind…

Abnormal behavior

All that has challenged her entourage and her parents, who have made a great decision to protect their son of 20 years : in fact, according to US Weekly, the couple would be looking for a psychologist. “It already has, in the past, were sent to a centre, similar to a detoxification clinic. Presley hangs out with a gang of people which have a bad effect on him” , explains the informant, to our confreres. A year earlier, the son of Cindy Crawford was arrested at the wheel, intoxicated and under the influence of drugs, while he was not yet of legal age to consume alcohol is 21 years in the United States. In full descent to the underworld, the young Presley can count on the love and support of his family, which will attempt everything to save him from his torment.