Cindy (Koh-Lanta) provides details on his marriage, and a big announcement


Young mom, Cindy, will soon be a married woman. During an interview on Purepeople, she looks back on this event which is fast approaching. And made know his desire to enlarge, still, his little family…

Since the final of Koh-Lanta, the life of Cindy accelerates. On 24 October, she gave birth to Alba, his little girl. A happy event which fills with joy the ex-adventuress, in spite of the fatigue it causes. Besides, if she was to return to the job in early January, Cindy finally had the right to three months of additional leave to look after her child. But it’s not bumming, provided that : the daily life of a mom is loaded ! Also, she has decided to tell about it in the new daily TFX, Moms & famous, in which she is going to make an appearance. In addition to having to deal with Alba, Cindy must also prepare for another big event : her wedding !

A second child ?

Interviewed by Purepeople, the young woman gave details on these festivities. While his burial life of a young girl is already in the past, to the delight of its subscribers, who were entitled to a photo of her naked in the snow, the date of the union approach : Cindy announced to Purepeople that the marriage took place in a month, in the heart of the winter. A choice surprising, then, that the majority of marriages are celebrated under the summer sun. “I was to a wedding in winter, it was new, it was changing, and the level of strategy, there was less stress : many more places available, level service providers, we do not need to hurry. In the summer, it is often the coupling between the holidays, the weddings, in general, it bothers a little bit of all of the world. And then said December, said thirteenth month… the people can we make the envelopes a little more generous and men who will be in costume will not have a halo, it’s perfect ! (Laughter)”. Cindy has also been a teasing out of her dress, “”modern” and “frankly canon”, while announcing that Denis Brogniart will not be in attendance at the union. “Even if I like it a lot, I still believe that he has other things to do than come to my wedding,” she said.
Once the wedding passed, Cindy does not only take advantage of her husband and the little Alba. During the interview, she admitted to hope “set in motion” a second child before the end of the year ! Speed big V !


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