Cindy Poumeyrol’s family expanding: Great news, she’s “super excited”!


Expanding the Family

Cindy Poumeyrol and Thomas Chenut have certainly not finished surprising us. Only two months after welcoming their third daughter Suzanne, less than a year after the birth of the youngest Victoire and two years after that of the eldest Alba, the couple is once again ready to expand the family. And in an unexpected way.

Learning English

This is what they made known in their Instagram story in the evening of Wednesday 14 June. “We have great news to announce! We’re going to expand the family! We have decided to take an au pair girl. It’s going to be folkloric with English,” Cindy already foresees while filming her husband revising his English. She later specified that it was a little more than a month ago that he was taking classes once a week for this purpose.

Finding the Right Au Pair

“We tell ourselves that it can really relieve us on a daily basis, to help us with the girls and then to progress in English. I have always dreamed of being an au pair girl when I was young but I stayed in Dax, in the Landes (…) I see this as an extension of our family, a third resource for us, she will have a lot of free time because the children will be at school and daycare, we are here on weekends but it’s really when we are traveling each, to manage the night too. The au pair girl is really the solution for us, to continue to work, to enjoy our children on quality times.” The former finalist of Koh-Lanta also shared her idea of the ideal profile. “Already she takes very good care of our children, she helps us to progress in English, she loves to laugh, cook, eat, that she is not messy, if she can put away our things from time to time, we don’t say no, that she loves to dance, sports too, and then travel, she will be able to travel with us,” she listed. To the attentive listener!


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