Cinema Trauma: Laurie Cholewa’s Bad Experience at the Movies – It Traumatized Her


A Year of Memories

The 76th edition of the Cannes International Film Festival is closing its doors, taking with it tons of memories. Red carpets, screenings, conferences and masterclasses… this year was big, on the French Riviera.

A Childhood Trauma

Coming to attend this high-end event, Laurie Cholewa only has a very small regret, that of not being able to meet certain celebrities who had come to France to defend the colors of their films in competition. Shaking hands with Leonardo DiCaprio could have solved a small childhood trauma for Laurie Cholewa, who had a funny misadventure in a movie theater, in front of one of his films… probably the most famous. “It’s a bad experience,” she remembers. At 17, I went to see Titanic on Valentine’s Day, and as soon as I got into the room, someone shouted that Leonardo DiCaprio was going to die at the end. So it ruined the whole movie for me and it traumatized me.”

Raising Awareness

It is important to remember that this meeting took place as part of the launch of a campaign to raise awareness against chemical submission. Because Cannes is not just about dresses and sparkles, Sandra Sisley received Caroline Darian, author of the book And I Stopped Calling You Daddy, for the launch of the hashtag #mendorspas, in order to raise awareness of this unknown cause in the presence of Laurie Cholewa. The Uniforme Urbain brand was selling T-shirts, for the occasion, of which 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the Maison des Femmes.


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