Clara Luciani pregnant with rock legend, proud of her very round belly for Mother’s Day!


Celebrating Mother’s Day with Clara Luciani

On Sunday, June 4th 2023, France celebrated Mother’s Day with parades of gifts, multicolored bouquets of flowers, and sweet little attentions. Social media was filled with family photos. On this day, Clara Luciani took the opportunity to share some beautiful photos taken in nature

Clara Luciani’s Pregnancy Announcement

The singer appears in a red spring dress and high boots, showing off her cute baby bump. In 2023, the 30-year-old artist will have joined the mothers’ club as she is currently pregnant with her first child. “Almost my day,” she wrote mischievously on her Instagram account. In 2023, Clara Luciani will officially be a mom. She will also, most likely, have released her third album, following “Coeur” which was released in 2021.

Love Story with Alex Kapranos

This is what she assured when she announced to the world that she was pregnant from a recording studio. “One moment please,” said her famous companion. “You didn’t tell me that you were recording a new album. What exciting news!” Clara Luciani has been in a relationship since 2020 with the leader, singer and guitarist of the band Franz Ferdinand, Alex Kapranos. The two artists met at a festival and a few weeks later they sang the song “Summer Wine” … being drunk with love for each other. “I love singing with her, even though we have very different voices,” said the Scottish rock star. “And I’m really lucky to have done duets with quite a few icons: Jane Birkin, Debbie Harry, and Clara …


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