Claude (Koh-Lanta) : his girlfriend reveals a video too cute for their baby

Virginia, the wife of Claude, star of the last Koh-Lanta, has posted on Instagram a video of Marceau, their second child. A tender moment that should delight fans of the adventurer.

Claude Koh-Lanta



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Candidate is emblematic of Koh-Lanta, Claude has not only become a legend of the show by participating in The Island of Heroes. During the filming of the adventure game of TF1, the one that has failed on the posts during this season full of twists and turns has learned that he would become a dad. It is ” off “, during a visit to the infirmary, that Claude has learned the happy news, as he revealed in early June on RMC, in the broadcast Team Duga : “It shows me the phone with the email of my wife, who wrote to the production to know a little about my decision, because it was not decided that we will make a second. I fall in tears, of course. Learn that you’re going to be a dad to the other side of the world, it will remain a memorable moment “.

Born at the beginning of the year, the petit Marceau is now the joy of his dad and his mom, already the parents of a boy named Andrea. The latter has recently made an appearance on the account Instagram of the star of the game by Denis Brogniart. It is now the turn of his little brother to show up, this time on the account Instagram of mom, Virginia. When the last season of Koh-Lanta was in full swing, she had to put the brakes on and remind all the fans of Claude, that he was already taken. A response to the hilarious, at the time relayed by the adventurer himself, in the hope of maybe getting to push the fan a little too sticky.

A video too cabbage, Marceau published by his mom

The driver of the master who has spoken recently of his famous boss in an interview, in fact, dream more than one. But in addition to being a lover of Virginia, he is also kept busy with her two boys. And in uncovering the video, published on 29 June by his girlfriend in story Instagram, you understand why. The two small feet of Marceau have made an appearance noticed on the account where the sweetheart Claude sharing his love of fashion. What to do melt all the admirers of the famous candidate of Koh-Lanta !