Clear need feeding hospitalized, alarm among fans

Hours of apprehension to a Clear need feeding, that had made him lose track of her on social to make known to the fans of the illness. Strong stomach cramps, after a few days in which he felt the “pulse” in your head, and the patient is in the hospital where the have been made of the infusion.

She’s the one to reassure the followers, explaining what happened in the ig stories: “I’m good. I got over, tonight I was devastated. I was for three days with stomach cramps and heartburn that I could not calm down. I took painkillers but did not pass and rush to the emergency room. I did the drip and I recovered. What is most distressing of all is that before this I was four days with pulsation on the head, kind shock, I was devastated. Then the day after started this thing. Hopefully I do not happen nothing, now I’m fine.”

Alarm returned, therefore, and Clare continues to enjoy a holiday in Sardinia surrounded by the love of friends and of his followers. Someone asks for further explanation, but the influencer doesn’t deepen. All is well that ends well.