Clio MakeUp: “New York behaved as if the italians were crazy, I went into a panic”

Clio MakeUp, influencer in the Italian famous in the world for her tutorials on make-up, told a story of having left in a hurry New York, where he lives with his family, when, in Italy, erupted theoutbreak of coronavirus. At the time, Clio Zammatteo had made it know that she has been overwhelmed by the panic, to the point of deciding to leave his home for the purpose of ensuring the safety of him and his family. At Vanity Fair she confesses today to have taken refuge with his daughter Grace and her husband Claudio Vidolo in Virginia, at the home of her friend Giuliana Arcorese. And is finally more serena:

We say better, it’s been one week, I went into a panic. We decided to come in Virginia from our friends. In New York, and behaved as if the italians were crazy, even then the same thing happened there.

Because the Clio has left New York

To push her to leave New York would have been the way in which he argues that new yorkers have reacted to the news of the spread of the virus in the world. Now that the United States is experiencing a dramatic situation similar to that of italy, Clio is starting to think about what will happen once the most difficult period will be over: “In reality, everything will be different, thank you still to be there. This virus is there, there is changing. For the rest, we try to do the other.” It would have been the need to ensure the serenity of her daughter, Grace, to push it to escape from New York: “I don’t want my daughters to see me constantly crying. My daughter woke up in the night with nightmares for this. See me so fragile, for she was not the best thing. For her, I said: ‘No, I have to be strong’”. New York remained his cats, animals that Clio makes sure to have left in a condition of total safety: “we were Not able to find a machine large enough to take them”. Now the influencer is engaging on its popularity to raise funds for the Red Cross.

The escape of Clio MakeUp, because he has left his home

Clio had already made known the reasons which prompted him to leave the city in a panic. “New York was no longer considered a safe city for us, especially in my condition. When he starts to see that people line up outside the stores of weapons instead of to the supermarkets to buy toilet paper, when you think of the level of poverty that there is in the city, when we realized that the american people is not equal to the Italian people, we started to be afraid of the reaction of the people more than the virus,” he said. To her horror it was the americans travel to the purchase of weapons:

You are asking me why to buy the weapons. The situation is this: if you don’t have anything to lose and don’t have the money to buy food and you’re in a trap (for the american freedom is the thing number one), it gets to the point where: it’s my life or yours.