ClioMakeUp leave New York: “I thought about it from time to time, I will be back 1 September”

He had started to anticipate it already in the time of the lockdown, saying it between the lines to Vanity Fair during one of the direct #VFQuarantineStories.

We had already tried once to leave her New York city, moving from a friend when the pandemic was spreading. His reasons had exhibited, in tears, in an IG Story: “I don’t feel more secure. When you think of the level of poverty that there is in the city, when we realized that the american people is not equal to the Italian people, because the people line up outside the stores of weapons instead of to the supermarkets to buy toilet paper, we started to be afraid of the reaction of the people more than the virus”.

Then, however, it was mid-march, in full covid, and Clio, in expectation of his second daughter, had made a decision, behind the emotional thrust triggered by the curves of the infection that went up, and so had chosen to secure the family and to take refuge from her friend Giuliana. Now it is a whole other story: Clio leave the United States forever.

The decision is taken and there is also a date, the September 1, 2020. ClioMakeUp, 37 years of Belluno, was born in Clio Zammatteo, mother of Grace, 3 years old, and of Joy, was born in the full pandemic 22 April 2020, and a one-way ticket to return “home” with the husband, Claudio, age-related damage. It will be a happy back to Italy, the country from which it has never managed to break away during his stay of twelve years in the Big Apple.

In the meantime, Clio, that was the game just twenty years, Overseas has become a beauty influencer successful with a community of beauty addicts of 3 million followers on Instagram, she launched her eponymous brand and has created a company that has a turnover of 9 million euros with 35 employees. By September all this will continue to evolve in his own land, near to his dear, where the pandemic coronavirus, there is no fear.

We arrived to let us tell of his re-location took place due to this unexpected health emergency, a phenomenon that is affecting many non-americans in the United States, which, because of the covid 19, choose to return to their nation, whether they are celebrities, not famous. Among the vips there is also the actor Zan Efron who has left Hollywood and settled in his native Australia with very little intentions to come back in the Usa. And if for some step back was a forced choice, as it is said in the anglo-saxon world, blessisng from the sky, that is, not all the evils come to harm because sometimes start reserve many surprises. In the meantime, we have reached the Clio in this strange summer where he is packing his american life to close a parenthesis and open a new one.

It is matured the decision?
“It is time that we wanted to do it. With my husband Claudio we talk about it for more than two years, driven by the desire to be closer to our families and to the team. The arrival of Grace and Joy has made it even more powerful than our desire to return to Italy. For the timing in the last few months has undoubtedly also impacted by the emergency covid and the priority of reach to our suffering in Italy. So we chose to return in September, bringing forward by six months the repayment plan that we had initially hypothesized for the spring of 2021″.

It is not the only one, in many people, even celebs, are leaving the Usa and Los Angeles, what is going on, it’s the end of the American Dream?
“More than the end of the American Dream, I would say that we are witnessing a major change of the american dream as we’ve always imagined from this side of the Ocean. In particular, life in New York has become much more complex and difficult, especially after the health crisis of the last few months. Prices have soared and many businesses have closed. And today, the shooting, post-passing of the phase of the lockdown, hard definitely get. That’s why I think it is important to go beyond our conventional idea of the American Dream, in favor of a life experience abroad, in America or in any Country where you can grow, competing with a culture, a language, an environment from which riceverevimportanti stimuli and tools to find their way, even in the midst of many difficulties related to the distance from their home of origin. This is what we received and we bring with gratitude in my heart after this experience of 12 years in New York.”

How to start over at 37 years old with two daughters, a husband, and a business started?
“Having already a business reality started in Italy, the approach to our Country, to our families and to the team ClioMakeUp, will surely make easier the daily management of activities, together with the launch of many new projects that we will be able to follow without having to measure the limits of distance and time zone”.

What you will be in the heart of the United States?
“These years have given me so much. Living in New York has given me the strength to find and follow my own path and the courage to pursue my dreams and to build the reality of ClioMakeUp. I will carry with me, with particular affection, the memories of the early years. We arrived with my husband with nothing, driven by the desire to create something that gives value and meaning to our life choice. We leave with much. Two wonderful daughters, four cats, and the immense satisfaction of having turned a desire, a passion for cosmetics into a reality of the business. But our american adventure does not end here. With the return of the Italian opens a new chapter of our lives, but the bond with New York is not dissolved, and will remain, in time, stronger than ever.”

How do you envisage its future?
“At this moment I am very focused on the happiness I feel when I hug my family, on the enthusiasm to work even more closely with my team, work on numerous new projects together and develop even more products for ClioMakeUp. It fills me with joy to think my girls start a new school and a new life experience. I can’t wait to make them discover all the wonders that Italy offers. From small villages to the endless natural beauty, there is so much to see in our Country and finally we can have time to do it”.

Fear, excitement, desire to do? What are the feelings that are dominant in these days?
“I have a mix of conflicting emotions, so much so that lately I sleep very little. The return is what I wanted from a bit of time, but I can’t deny that it makes me much effect and leave the life I have lived these last twelve years, even if after the covid, here as all over the world, many things have changed. I leave with gratitude and a bit of nostalgia for the city that has given me so much, but on the whole, prevails, the happiness of, my thoughts go back to my land”.

He is spending a summer in the do packs and suitcases, as it is difficult to put in a box, and 12 years of life, as is selecting what to bring?
“In reality it was not so difficult. We have held many things in New York because, when you get to return some time do not want to get into an empty house. We have put in the suitcase, especially clothes and tools related to our work. For me and Claudio was a priority, starting with our little girls and our cats. All the rest goes decidedly in the second floor”.

What brings of its arsenal of beauty, took the opportunity to clean up?
“Yes, absolutely. Apart from the things of the work that I’ve shipped to Italy, in my beauty case I have tried to point it to the essentials, a concealer, a mascara, a palette for the eyes, an enlightening, a maximum of two lipsticks. I brought a piece for each product because, especially in the early days, during the quarantine of two weeks planned after the return, I do not truccherò a lot.”

Where will be his base?
“The working life in Milan and private in the vicinity of Milan”.

If his daughters one day to go to the Usa as she did the would support?
“I’d be happy. They can do what they want. To them were born here and if they return I’ll be the first to encourage them to jump into new experiences, and maybe one day, when the children are older, I will return with them”.