Coronavirus : Albert of Monaco has there contaminated the prince Charles ? It responds


Albert of Monaco and Prince Charles had contracted the coronavirus. Ten days before the announcement, the two princes met in London during an event.

March 10, 2020. London. The top Water Aid on water and climate benefits from a double royal in its ranks. First, Prince Charles, smiling in spite of setbacks in his family since the departure of his son Harry on the other side of the Atlantic. Not far from the prince of Wales, another prince eventually approach the future king of England. Straight come of Monaco, Albert II smiles and shakes a few hands. Ten days later, when Europe had just come back in a containment never seen the face of the pandemic of the sars coronavirus, the two cabinets of the princes announced that prince Charles and Albert of Monaco were affected by the Covid-19.

Contacted by AFP, Buckingham Palace, wanted to be reassuring by stating on the subject of Prince Charles : “It presents mild symptoms but is in good health and worked as usual at home these last few days. The duchess of Cornwallhas also been tested, but does not have the virus. In accordance with the advice of the government, and doctors, the prince and the duchess will self-isolate at home in Scotland. “It is on the antenna of RTL that Albert II of Monaco gave its new there is little. “I have absolutely no loss of taste nor of smell. At the beginning it was like a cold was coming, as when we feel a little feverish, feverish. The cough is not coming immediately. After that, we see that we have a bit of fever, but these are symptoms, for the moment, light enough “, mentions the sovereign.

Who contaminated who ?

Since this double announcement of contamination royale : a question burning everyone’s lips : who has contaminated between Albert II and prince Charles ? This is the question that Stéphane Bern is authorized with the prince Albert this morning live from his show at the right time, who took the opportunity to give an update on his state of health. Albert of Monaco has thanked the people of monaco for the songs held where every evening at 19 hours at the foot of the Palace where he is confined, without Charlene and her children. Finally, the brother of Stephanie and Caroline of Monaco would have put an end to all the speculation. He explains doubt strongly of a “contamination” between him and prince Charles, for the good and simple reason that they have not had any physical contact at this congress. “We didn’t even shake hands “, stated the ruler. This closes the debate !


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