Coronavirus: the prince Charles she met prince Albert of Monaco, queen Elizabeth in “good health” Support Today


The coronavirus does not spare the crowned heads. After Albert of Monaco, the prince Charles is a positive result and is in self-isolation in the castle of Balmoral, in Scotland, along with his wife Camilla (negative).

The british press is rebuilding the last of the commitments of the heir to the throne, and to determine where and when might be infected and who may in turn get infected. By scrolling through the agenda of Charles, shows that the prince of Wales, he met Albert of Monaco in London on 10 march, during a public event, nine days before they announced to be positive for coronavirus.

The last time that Charles met his mother, queen Elizabeth, was 13 days ago, on 12 march, in a private meeting. The last public engagement of the sovereign and Carlo was the 9th of march, at Westminster Abbey, on the occasion of the mass for the Commonwealth Day. The event took part also the prince William and his wife Kate, prince Harry, and his wife, Meghan premier Boris Johnson with his girlfriend, Carrie Symonds, the labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the minister of Foreign affairs, Dominic Raab. As is recalled, the incubation period of the coronavirus is an average of 5-6 days, but can last up to 14 days. It is not at the time been made known when Charles has experienced the first symptoms of the virus.

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Coronavirus, queen Elizabeth “is in good health”

From Buckingham Palace, meanwhile, arrive good news. The Royal Palace, immediately after the news of the positivity of Charles the Covid-19, has released a statement to reassure the british about the condition of queen Elizabeth. “Her Majesty the queen remains in good health”. The spokesman then added that Elizabeth has seen for the last time, and briefly prince Charles on the 12th of march and is now following the appropriate guidance.

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