Crash Dropped : the brother of Florence Arthaud reacts to the indictment of Peter Högberg

Five years after the collision of both helicopters occurred on the filming of Dropped, a man, Peter Högberg, has been indicted. A situation far from relieving Hubert, the brother of Florence Arthaud, who died in the crash of the two devices.

The investigation is moving forward but not enough for the families of the victims of the crash of the helicopter occurred on the filming of the show of TF1, Dropped. On march 9, 2015, two planes collide, causing the death of ten people on board. Among them, the swimmer in nice, Camille Muffat, the boxer Alexis Vastine and the sailor Florence Arthaud. Nearly five years later, the investigation in advance. Last week, we learned by BFM TV as the Swedish Peter Högberg, “in charge of the security during the shooting,” was brought into consideration. A decision is not sufficient to Hubert Arthaud, brother of Florence Arthaud.

The wrath of Hubert Arthaud

In the columns of Nice-Matin on Saturday, February 8, Hubert Arthaud explained that this announcement was not new to him : “It is not really a twist. […] I was made aware of this review by my lawyers, there has already been a year. Now, this needs to continue with the review of Adventure Line Productions [production company of the show] “. According to him, the accident that claimed the life of his sister could have been avoided if Adventure Line Productions had been more vigilant : “For me, things will start really moving when a manager of Adventure Line Productions will be put in consideration, “he explains,” always to Nice-Matin. It is he who, in his specification, has mandated that the helicopters took off in the opposite direction of the road they needed to do. Because he had a mountain in the background for the filming of the show “.

As long as he does not see this expectation come to fruition, Hubert Arthaud will be difficult to move on to something else : “For me, the review of ALP is expected to arrive this year. It is the logical result. When you lose a person accidentally like this, it is very difficult to grieve. I am still not. “