Crisis with Stefano? Belen unleashed at a party in Milan (and with kisses a friend)

That air pulls between Belen Rodriguez and Stefano De Martino? For some time, the showgirl and dancer show far and, despite talk that the reason of the distance due to professional reasons, there are some clues that they leave the fear of a new crisis.

While Stephen is in Naples for the recordings Made in the South, yesterday Belen has organized an evening among friends in the house. With her, the singer Sergio Sylvestre and the architect Martina Menegon, invited in the apartment in milan of the showgirl for a few hours filled with good food and music. This also Jeremias Rodriguez, the brother of Belen. At the table with them also the creative Mattia Ferrari, that Belu filled with affectionate kisses, sparking gossip.

Belen and Stefano, the clues of a crisis

Until here nothing strange, of course, but there are other details that make us think of a swell of torque. An example of that? Now Belen and Stefano – usually lavish dedications of love via social – not allowed like on their respective profiles. And, you know, love in the time of Instagram is the fact also that, at least for the fans that scrutinize careful in search of comments romantic to stay with a dry mouth. “What happened to Belen?”, ask Stefano, but without receiving a response.

But the answer, Stephen, has date. And about a month ago. After spending the first part of the quarantine with his wife and son (Santiago, 7 years, ed.), the dancer-conductor is transferred to Naples, his city of origin and headquarters of the filming of its transmission. “I decided to continue the quarantine here in Naples said,” because in a month it will start again Made in the South, and then I’ll have to start working again in a few weeks”.

At the same time, Belen reassured everyone on the situation. “Stefano and I we were always so, the more time we spend alone, the better we are, because the world conditions us, we will get the weights that we download when we are at home, wasting the fundamental things,” he explained, hinting a love swimmingly.

In the meantime, however, the time passes and the couple seems more and more distant. Married for three years until 2015, the couple is back together last spring after a few years of distance. And the love seemed to be stronger than before, as both are assumed to expand the family. If they are roses, will flourish.


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