Cristian Galella and Tara Gabrieletto: the crisis of the couple that survived all the reality

Those who are familiar with reality shows and dating shows knows well that the couples live are not likely to survive to the flame, and the initial infiacchendosi behind the sponsorships on the social and to a relationship that survives more for the needs of “business” to amorous impulses. In this Cristian Galella and Tara Gabrieletto have always been the exception that confirmed the rule: they had met Men and Women, not only to survive the bonfire of the comparison of Temptation Island, but also in the distance set from the Island of the Famous, marrying in 2016 after a proposal of marriage came at the end of the program, hosted by Alessia Marcuzzi.

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Their crowded profiles Instagram, often provided to the “adv” of the couple, a bit’ of time seem to be, however, silent the voice that the couple are broke and their marriage is finished is, in fact, all around the web forcing the two to take a position. Those who had hoped that it was just a voice, he found, to his regret, the semiconferma Tara, that through his Stories dedicates a thought on what happened: “I have never been very good at hiding when something is wrong because I have always had my eyes speaking before the mouth. I know that it will be difficult, but you know about my private things are very restrained” says the girl talking directly to their followers.

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“It is not a great time, I’m not good. I am, we are taking the decisions in my life, so I don’t ask questions strange, of the faith, where is Cristian just because it’s not and I will answer. Are my own things. When the time is right and we will clear the situation and tell you what there is to say, positive or negative. Take patience”. The message confirms, then, the crisis with Cristian Galella, but not breaking, which might still be recoverable. Remains that witness the drift of a couple that survived all the television programs imaginable, and make us reflect. Waiting to find out how it will end, review the video of the headlong rush of Cristian on the beach of Is Morus Relais could not get us that well.