Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina divorce: He must pay her €100k/mo alimony.


The Love Story of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez

For months there has been talk of a supposed crisis between Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez. She denied it a few weeks ago (“It’s just envy”) but the rumors have not subsided. According to the Spanish press, the two are still together only to save appearances. And for the sake of their five children: the footballer had three – Cristiano Jr. and twins Eva and Matteo – from a surrogate mother; then there are the two girls born from the love with Georgina: Alana Martina and Bella Esmerada.

The Pre-Marital Agreement

Net of the supposed crisis, news from Portugal arrive from which it results that, if the footballer and his partner really decide to say goodbye, at least from a practical point of view, nothing will change. According to Tv Guia, in fact, the two, although not married, years ago would have signed a sort of pre-marital contract that would regulate everything about their relationship: rights, duties and emoluments. According to the agreement, which would have been signed after Georgina’s first pregnancy, in case of separation she will have the family house La Finca, in Madrid. But above all the footballer will have to pay her a monthly pension of one hundred thousand euros. Monstrous figure, for common mortals. However, we must consider that the 38-year-old Ronaldo was named at the beginning of May “the highest paid athlete in the world”: his earnings, in 2023, should exceed one hundred and twenty million euros. So according to Tv Guia he thought it best to protect his partner, whatever happens, even from an economic point of view. In short: if love were to end, in addition to the children, there would be the “pre-marital agreement” to unite the two for life.

Declaration of Love

At the moment, however, Georgina and Ronaldo do not seem at all intent on saying goodbye. Despite the gossip, in fact, the two recently appeared together, in harmony and in love, at an event in Madrid: a press conference for the promotion of Ronaldo’s new entrepreneurial venture, Ursu, a company that produces alkaline water of which he is a partner. And the footballer, now in the Saudi team Al Nassr, took the opportunity to make a public declaration of love to his partner: “My family is always with me, Gio is with me in all my projects and I am with her in hers. She is making her way and I support her 100%. She will always be with me and I with her, the two of us together are much stronger”.


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