Home Fashion Cristina Cordula’s Atypical Wedding Dress: Photos of her Union with Frédéric Cassin

Cristina Cordula’s Atypical Wedding Dress: Photos of her Union with Frédéric Cassin

Cristina Cordula and Frédéric Cassin’s Six Years of Marriage

One thing is for sure: she was magnifaïk! Six years ago, in front of a crowd of loved ones, Cristina Cordula celebrated her marriage to businessman Frédéric Cassin in grand style. True to herself, the presenter had put in the effort, whether it was the ceremony location, decor, activities or her own outfits. Indeed, it was under the sun of Capri, Italy, that the beautiful Brazilian said “yes” to life with her beloved, and for the occasion, she decided to be original by wearing two splendid dresses that were not wedding dresses…

Cordula and Cassin’s Wedding Day Celebrations

On Friday, June 9th 2023, the 58-year-old brunette took to her Instagram account to post two souvenir photos of the ceremony, to celebrate her six years of marriage. “It’s been six years since we said YES! I’m lucky to have met you @fredcassin,” she wrote in the caption of her post. Still head over heels for her husband, Cristina Cordula added a red heart and a ring to symbolize her powerful love. In the photos, she is in the arms of her husband, radiant, and holding a magnificent bouquet of red flowers. With a smile from ear to ear, she looks happier than ever in a flamboyant dress. Indeed, on her wedding day, the former model was wearing a long, pale yellow dress. The sleeves were drooping and puffy, revealing her tanned shoulders. At her waist, she wore a fabric belt closed by a pretty silver trinket, and around her neck, she wore a magnificent diamond necklace, also silver. But the presenter did not stop there, as she also wore a magnificent dress by Giambattista Valli. This one was white, but short, and had a long train of tulle. On her feet, the presenter wore simple white espadrilles, practical for walking the beaches of Capri in peace.

The Couple’s Love Story

Let us recall that Cristina Cordula and Frédéric Cassin started their love story in 2013 but did not get married until four years later, on June 6th 2017. They have no children together, but Cristina Cordula has a son from a previous union, named Enzo and born in 1994.



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