Cristina Pedroche home with daughter Laia: how it feels to be a mom.


Cristina Pedroche’s Special Days

Cristina Pedroche is living the most special days of her life. The ‘Zapeando’ collaborator gave birth to her first daughter last week and since then she can’t hide her happiness. Cristina and David Muñoz have become parents, and they face all the changes that entails with enthusiasm: the couple has announced that they are already at home with their baby, Laia, and Pedroche has wanted to share with her followers how the first moments are in her spectacular mansion.

Overwhelmed by Love

“I’m on a cloud of love. I knew I loved her but when I saw her face I feel very overwhelmed by all the beautiful things that come to me towards her. I just want to love her, take care of her and protect her,” wrote Cristina, who is happier than ever.

Understanding and Patience

The presenter has described these first moments as a mother as the “most brutal experience of my life”, and has asked for understanding from her followers in these days of assimilating so many new things: “When a baby is born, a mother is also born, so I am getting to know this new improved and so sensitive version of me. I ask for a bit of patience, I’m assimilating it all. But I can tell you that everything I imagined was very short, both the process of accompanying my daughter to be born and her first hours of life. It has been and is being the most brutal, magical and real experience of my life,” she confessed along with a carousel of photos, balloons, bouquets of flowers … and the delicious food her husband prepares for her!


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