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Cristina refuses to fund Iñaki’s lavish lifestyle with Ainhoa.

The Definitive Break

This June 6th was the key date for the definitive break. One day after Irene, the youngest of their four children, turned 18, Cristina and Iñaki had a free way to divorce. Before they could too, but they decided to wait because, without minor children whose custody and guardianship had to be negotiated, they avoided the obligatory step through the courts in those cases and the still spouses could sign before a notary the regulatory agreement that will put an end to 25 years of marriage.

Complications in the Divorce Process

But, against all odds and according to recent reports, the divorce of the Infanta and the former handball player has become complicated. Iñaki and his girlfriend Ainhoa in some effusive images broadcast on Telecinco. As Paloma García-Pelayo explained a few days ago on ‘The Ana Rosa Program’, there have been “last minute discrepancies” that will delay the legalization of their separation, which all points to taking place before or after in the Swiss town of Geneva since it was the last family residence, although some media have indicated that the place of the signature could be the Swiss city of Lausanne. “The problem is economic, because Iñaki has to receive compensation from Infanta Cristina and she is not willing to finance his life being with another woman,” said García-Pelayo, in reference to Urdangarin’s new partner, with whom he has been seen traveling in recent months to Baqueira Beret and Palma de Mallorca. “Cristina does not want to annoy her ex-husband, but she also does not want to finance him with an inopportune amount,” the journalist continued.

Further Details

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