Curly, frizzy, and porous? Practical guide to living

It is only a few days ago, the discourse social of Michelle Obama to the graduating class of 2020, will be remembered not only for content but also for hair super curly, worn in favor of the camera. A choice, that of eliminating the racking and prefer the curl is natural, that in reality, the former first lady brings forward already for a long time and never as in this period of struggles for equality is a real tribute to the pride of their roots shared by different celebrities.

As she, in fact, supporters of this approach genuine through the look hair are also Beyoncé, Zendaya, Lupita nyong’o and many others who have often told the story of being, especially in adolescence, victims of bullying and discrimination due to their hair, not in line with the stereotypes and standards of beauty still today almost exclusively based on the aesthetic characteristics of white women.

Dates back only to July 2019, the decision of California to banish every form of discrimination against the afro hair but absurdity to the legislative part of the truth is that those who often change the texture because it does not know how to manage and treat them. The biggest mistake that one can make, however, is to give in to the prejudices trying to distorting the original beauty with unnecessary sessions smoothing, what else to do if not to ruin them permanently.

To understand how to enhance them to better we asked him a few straight Fulvio Tirrico, curly hair expert and creator of I Love Hedgehogs.
“The main problem is the spring effect. In many cases, the curls are so tight and dense that they form a kind of spring that when pulled is very long but in the natural state, remains attached to the skin,” she explains. “The challenge is then to soften them up and define them in a way that makes them tend a little towards the bottom”.

The TV series Netflix “Self-Made” tells the true story of CJ Walker, an african american, that about forty years after the end of slavery became a billionaire by inventing a product line specific for hair super curly. A stroke of genius saw the market still bare, and the high number of steps needed to fight the enemy par excellence: the dryness responsible for the ruffle and a little shine.

“The first step consists in a compress made with oil of jojoba, argan, almond or coconut to make a hair dry. A shutter speed of twenty minutes – half an hour helps to soften them up and protect them before the cleansing,” continues Fulvio Tirrico.

The basic rule is: stay away from the shampoo traditional. “The choice must instead fall back on the cowash, a cream cleansing cream very moisturizing like conditioner, to use as a shampoo, a classic, but, unlike it, does not contain surfactants and foaming agents that will mar the hedgehog. After rinsing, apply a nourishing mask with butter of coconut oil without asportarla completely but only partially, so that remains a bit on the hair and continues its action in time”. If you prefer an alternative home made in a recent video Cardi B showed the fans his personal recipe for hair-beauty: a mask based on avocado oil, argan oil, mayonnaise, banana, castor oil, eggs and honey.

“After squeezing out the hair with the hands and never with a towel that it would take away too much water is the moment of the definition with the technique of the LOC Liquid Oil Cream, which consists in applying on the hair is divided into strands of four-five inches width a mixture of oil and cream styling moisturizer. The operation is accomplished by sliding the fingers open, from the root to the tips, on which then press it lightly in order to close the scales and make the hair more soft and stretched. When you get to the part around the face, which is usually the most kinky, apply the product with movements towards the bottom, but this time wrapping the finger with the individual strands in the shape of a spiral. Dab with a cloth in microfobra and if possible let the hair dry in the open air, or use a diffuser, but only for a few minutes”. Another technique of styling is very much in vogue to loosen up a bit, the hedgehog is one of the twist-twist out, that is to be braided hair, post washing, and keep them all night, and then dissolve them in the morning.

Afro hair does not require frequent washing, but even getting dirty less than other easy to lose tone, shape and brightness. “For rivitalizzarli avoiding them often in these long passages, after 4-5 days you can spray on them a mixture of water and oil or water alone, followed by the application of
a cream without rinsing”.

In order not to spoil the result obtained by going to sleep, the first straight is to use pillow cases made of silk and not cotton, as the latter tends to absorb moisture and to increase the dehydration of the hair. The silk makes them slip and also for this, there are the headphones of the same fabric, similar to the ones from the shower but think to embrace them during the night, without crushing them or attack.

The first is definitely to rely on a hairdresser, just the expert that you are wrong cut. At least once in their life has happened to all of but with this type of hair the risk, abusing of scissors, is to believe you simply created a scale and then find themselves again with a few inches of length remaining.
Also note the discoloration seen that to obtain the blonde a cold that does not virino to the orange steps are required so strong as to burn the hair, break them and build a hedgehog without tone. “Finally, I do not recommend treatments, straightening or anti-frizz because even if immediately can give a result that is aesthetically pleasing to long you find yourself with a head of hair almost smooth on the hair is curly at the root,” says Fulvio Tirrico.