Curly hair short: how to make them and the right styling

The mania from the lengths XL will also be back under the spotlight (see Meghan and with her many other long hair addicts), but if in the hot season, there is an infallible method to survive high temperatures is to convert to short hair. Then, if to these you add a texture move, the combo of the summer is served.

Just sbriciare among the new proposals of the lounges or take a ride on the social to observe how curly hair short are among the most popular and trendy. And not only among women.

Also the male universe is attracted, so much so that there are men, who in nature have the hair liscissimi, willing to be the permanent while to splurge on a head of hair move, and fluent. A trend skyrocketed thanks to the many video, identified by the hashtag #perm, and posted on the TikTok for the most part from the boys, all eager to become real curly men.

But if there is no distinction in the creation of the sea urchins between a man and a woman, to change the method of styling. We spoke with Renato Caca, hairstylist, Evos hair Stylists.

“To create the curls, there is no distinction between man and woman, if not in styling the final, which will be more natural in man and, perhaps, more sophisticated woman. Instead, you must decide if you want curly, soft or more defined. In the first case, on wet hair, apply a product specific to undulate your hair and dry them by dividing them into strands by gathering in the hand, and accompany from the tip to the root and then reheat the air flow is slow, and release after the hair has cooled. For curls more defined, or split into strands of the wet hair, roll them up on themselves and secure them to the head with the beaks of the goose. Proceed with drying in the dryer to warm, and complete with the speaker”.

Do not use the brush because it would ripple, but you use on wet hair as a styling product ad hoc and do not touch until the end of the drying. In this way, the design of the hedgehog remains defined and natural. In the days following the cleansing, shake the hair directly with your hands, adding products to oil-based moisturizers“.

Do not dry your hair with air that is too hot and direct the hair dryer. Otherwise, the hedgehog tends to preen. Avoid styling products to dry hair, not weighing it down”.