Cynical Esthetician Mourns Mom Rosi’s Death


Cristina Fogazzi’s Sorrowful Announcement

There is sorrow for Cristina Fogazzi. The beauty entrepreneur, known as L’Estetista Cinica, has announced the passing of her mother. “My mother passed away suddenly while I was on vacation,” she wrote on social media, adding, “Fortunately, the news reached me while I was with the people I love and who always protect me.”

The Difficult Hospital Management of Elderly Patients

In the past, the entrepreneur has spoken about her mother’s illness, denouncing the difficult hospital management of the elderly with pathologies. “I’m a bit shocked by the management of the elderly in hospitals,” she said, “because the elderly are very fragile patients.” She added, “I’m privileged, but unfortunately the management of elderly or non-self-sufficient people is a topic that is talked about too little and that almost entirely falls on the family’s shoulders.”

A Call for Compassion

I need to organize my thoughts and pain. We’ll see each other when I’m done. I know for sure you’ll have a kind thought for me. We’ve known each other for a long time.


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