Cyril Hanouna injured during her holiday : “It could have been a very, very serious “

This Friday, July 24, Cyril Hanouna has caused considerable concern to his fans. The facilitator of C8 has entrusted to us will be seriously injured during his holiday, however, he wants to be reassuring. Explanations.

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Has too be willing to run, it stumbles. And the consequences could have been terrible. After a season that very special, marked by the coronavirus, Cyril Hanouna is a break well deserved. Nonetheless, it is never far from his work. Despite his vacation, the host of C8 board on his back, which already promises to be ultra-responsible. This does not prevent it all the same not to enjoy his daily life away from the small screen, and with her two children : Bianca and Lino, aged respectively nine and eight years old. Except that everything does not happen as planned for this hyperactive. “Darlings, I didn’t want to cause you anguish “, he began this Friday, July 24, in a message posted on Twitter. However, he will have done the reverse. It indicates nothing good. And his fans have reason to worry. “I made a very big fall in cycling “, he says, before clarifying : that it ” would be very, very serious “.

Cyril Hanouna is out with a fracture

Cyril Hanouna is not obviously to his test ride, sincehe managed to get out of it not too bad. “Fortunately, I was able to control the fall and avoid the worst “, says he with his fans. Except that it is not provided out totally unscathed. “The arm is touched and the broken wrist, a priori , “says the one whose father is a doctor, sharing a photograph supporting evidence and before to ensure that he would go “to the hospital” where a fracture was confirmed. If since it awaits the visit of a specialist, his fans are a blood of ink for him. Like many fanzouzes, Vianney him and wished ” courage “, while others wish him a speedy recovery. More fear than harm. Cyril Hanouna in fact, can be reassuring to have escaped the worst, even if it may affect his vacation and the crazy parts of tennis that he used to play.

Darlings I didn’t want to cause you anguish, but I made a very big crash in a bike that could be very very serious. Fortunately I have been able to control the fall and avoid the worst, but The arm is touched and the broken wrist a priori. I’m going to the hospital I’ll let you know

— Cyril Hanouna (@Cyrilhanouna) July 24, 2020

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Good darlings I got the radio there was a fracture we are waiting for the specialist!!! I’ll let you know 😘

— Cyril Hanouna (@Cyrilhanouna) July 24, 2020