Cyril Hanouna scrambled with Florence Foresti : he sent him an SMS to which she replied

The last time Florence Foresti et Cyril Hanouna had exchanged, it was in the aftermath of Caesar, where the facilitator had revealed the salary of the comedian will host the ceremony. What the main complainant had roundly responded on Instagram. Yesterday, the hellion of C8 has revealed an exchange of text messages with the stand-up comedian.

This is it, Cyril Hanouna has swapped his living room to a back studio where he animates It is that of the dream, a program that aims to change the ideas to the French post-confinement, while informing them of what has happened in recent days in the media. A kind of Key not to my post, but without the clash and other buzz… To illustrate his intent, benevolent and joyful, Cyril Hanouna has welcomed a new provision that took place during one of the broadcasts are competing with his own : the passing of Florence Foresti in Dailylast Friday, where – still – confined to the stand-up comedian led to believe Yann Barthes and his teams that it was plugged into C8 instead of TMC. A joke that got a laugh out of the ex-king of the Petit Journal, and that has caught the eye of Cyril Hanouna. The latest news, Baba, and Florence Foresti were not the best friends in the world. The comedian had tâclé on the social networks following the announcement of his salary to lead the last ceremony of Caesar.

Exchange of SMS

Welcoming the provision of Florence Foresti on a chain a rival, and knowing very well that for many, it was scrambled with, Cyril Hanouna said when he was with the mother of Toni and Albert. “Frankly, it was very funny, and I sent an SMS text message to Florence, said the host star of C8, which also gives the answer he received. She told me, she told me “We do what we can”, with a smiley, here, I wanted to say ! “ A hatchet buried ? It sounds like… ” there are plenty of people who believe that one is messed up with Florence Foresti, concludes Cyril Hanouna. It’s going very well, we get on very well, and I hope that one day she will come to see us ! I made him a big kiss. “That of the “kiff” as promised !