“Dakota Johnson does not want kids from Chris Martin,” here is the reason for their break up

Evidently, in the sky of the star, hovers a turbulent air of crisis, since many couples famous, in this period they decided to end their loving relationship. After the shocking break-up between Bradley Cooper and Iryna Shayk, here are another couple of beautiful and impossible to put an end to their bond, it is Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson.

A break-up that surprised everyone

The couple seemed to enjoy the two years of love, just dealt, and yet, something has cracked their romance. In reality, the frontman of Coldplay and the protagonist of Fifty Shades would have already ended their relationship last month, but it’s only now that the rupture would have been made official. The reason why they broke up seem anything but futile. According to what stated in the newspaper “Sunday Express”, a very close friend to the singer, would have revealed the reason of this unexpected closing:

Chris wanted children as soon as possible, but the career of Dakota is taken off, and this for her was the last thing to think about in the short term. One day they realized that they were going in opposite directions and have decided to quit. Not thought to the same things. You even talked about marriage last year, but now it seems to have gone their own way, with the surprise of one and all.

The relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow

In spite of Chris Martin already had two sons, had with ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, with which maintains a relationship to the beautiful, with which Dakota had forged a strong bond of friendship, so as to spend holidays and trips together, his wish was for a son from the actress, 29-year-old. The protagonist of the remake of Suspiria, directed by Luca Guadagnino, it would not have felt ready for this further step, so as to precipitate a story that had passionate fans of both stars; but, above all, a relationship far more durable of the previous flirt of the singer who has always bazzicato the world of the best actresses in hollywood.