Damiano David Giorgia Soleri: End of the Road Timing


The Couple’s Social Media Presence

Going out to the club to kiss someone: who hasn’t done it? Usually it happened to football players on their free time, now it’s Damiano David’s turn, the singer of Maneskin who was caught kissing – very long – with a girl (apparently, Martina Taglienti, a model, 22 years old, friend of Victoria De Angelis, bassist of the band). He is on tour with the group, far away from his historical girlfriend Giorgia Soleri (with whom he has been for nine years), and the video that starts to circulate on social media nails him: “he cheated”. What to do? Damiano chooses to empty the bag, and writes in a story: “Giorgia and I have decided to break up for some days now so there have been no betrayals of any kind”.

Clues of a Break Up

If the expression “for some days now” has left you perplexed, and you were expecting something like “for some weeks”, or “for some months”, know that… We all thought it. Because let’s be honest: “now” and “some days” are a bit of an oxymoron. But we want to give the benefit of the doubt to this couple, so we went to see – love in the time of social media is not so mysterious – what they posted until some time ago, to understand if the break up was foreseeable, if we missed a detail, if we really were paying attention, in short. After Giorgia Soleri’s post in Ibiza, and the famous quote “rest is a political act”, where Damiano had also commented, among the thousand followers’ criticisms: “Bonaa”, the girl posted a shot in which she kisses Damiano plateally on the stage, writing “More and more every day”. He, again, comments ironically: “Oh but that’s another one, I’m bald”, referring to the fact that in the shot he has a long hair while now he is shaved (and blond). Clue 1: she was posting photos from the past to mark the territory. Clue 2: he wanted to make it known.

The Break Up Confirmed

On Repubblica there is the piece: “Damiano and the bathrobe open in front of Giorgia Soleri: “After all these years”. That’s why it’s the most beloved couple”. The article explains that the post, a black and white photo in which he, from behind, opens the bathrobe in front of the surprised girlfriend, has collected almost a million likes and over two thousand comments in a few hours. Clue 1: she was disappointed by what she saw. Clue 2: the thing got out of hand, and he replied the joke with others. We read on Mattino: Giorgia Soleri and Damiano David, she speaks with the followers and he takes her: “Do you have to do it right now?”. The article explains that Giorgia Soleri posted a story in which the two are in the car together, she asks her followers for advice on the haircut to make from the hairdresser, he bursts out: “Do you have to make a story while I’m maneuvering?”. In short “The two fiancés decided to enjoy a day as “normal” fiancés and so Giorgia was accompanied by the hairdresser by her Damiano who, however, does not seem to have appreciated the fact that she was making an Instagram story”, says the article.


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