Damiano Maneskin breakup: He kisses another, confirming end of relationship.


Love Story Over: Damiano dei Maneskin and Giorgia Soleri Split

The frontman of the rock band and the influencer with whom he had been a fixed couple since 2017 have split. The singer himself gave the news through the Instagram Stories, where he posted a post immediately after the online diffusion of a video in which he is immortalized while kissing another girl. “I’m very sorry that this video came out, it wasn’t how we wanted to handle the situation and it was my mistake,” explained the Italian music star. Pointing out: “Giorgia and I decided to break up a few days ago, so there were no betrayals of any kind”. This clarification was necessary, since after the diffusion of the video, fans accused him of betraying his long-time girlfriend.

The Video that Sparked the Break-Up

In the video posted on social networks, in fact, Damiano is in a club and is passionately kissing a girl who is not Giorgia Soleri. It seems to be Martina Taglienti, a friend of Victoria De Angelis. And there is a detail revealed by social networks that would confirm that it could be her: Giorgia Soleri and Victoria have stopped following each other on Instagram. Just a coincidence or is it the consequence of that kiss?

The Fans’ Reaction

The video went around the web, infuriating fans of the couple who have always believed in the love between Damiano dei Maneskin and Giorgia Soleri. So much so that the same artist felt obliged to give explanations. “I hope this doesn’t affect Giorgia’s image and that you can respect the delicacy of this moment“. In recent days, there had been no signs that could lead to a break-up between the two. Last year, rumors of a possible crisis were immediately denied by the couple, who returned to show themselves on social media, close and happy. Recently they had also adopted a kitten together. Then that video, the kiss to another and the truth of Damiano: “We broke up”. No comment, for the moment, from Giorgia Soleri.


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