Daniel Craig: Love is my Rock


The Myth of James Bond

This article was published in the November 12th 2008 issue and we are presenting it again today to review the changes that have experienced in the last 20 years. Here are all the articles that we are republishing.

Daniel Craig: Sex Symbol for Women, Reference Point for Men

I arrive in front of Daniel Craig with a copy of The Times newspaper, open on a page where the famous photograph of the actor in swimming trunks, muscular mermaid, taken two years ago, at the time of Casino Royale, the first film in which he interpreted, with great success, the character, so macho, so elegant of James Bond. I intend to make him comment on this article: a classic costume inquiry, where it is said that it is no longer only women who worry about diet and abdominal definition but, today, even men are obsessed with calories and the gym, and there is a whole new wave of male vanity and related consumption, etc. Who better than Daniel Craig, sex symbol for women, reference point for men, can speak authoritatively about the gym evolution of the James Bond myth? Sean Connery, the first 007, arrived at the cinema as a former Mr. Universe to become, also through the Bond series, a respected actor. Daniel Craig was an actor of first order but little known, thanks to Bond he also became a body to admire, dream, imitate.

Interview with Daniel Craig

He is now sitting on a yellow velvet sofa at the Soho Hotel in London, where meetings are held to promote 007 – Quantum Of Solace, the second film in the series with Craig in the role of the secret agent with a license to kill. The direction is by Marc Forster (The Kite Runner), there is great anticipation for the release, on November 7th in Italy, because the Bond myth is always alive and Casino Royale has refreshed it also thanks to the undeniable charm of Daniel Craig. He stands up, extends his hand, is very courteous and always discreet: he has never said a word to the press about his first marriage (with a Scottish actress, Fiona Loudon, from whom he had a daughter) and rarely speaks of Satsuki Mitchell, his girlfriend at his side for some time. When he smiles, he has a friendly and light air. I tell myself that this must be the real Daniel, the person, not the actor, in spite of the face marked by a scornful and tormented hero who is consecrating him to the cinema, among the breathless pursuits and the cruel shootings of the world of James Bond. I have the light in my face and, at first, I don’t understand very well how he is dressed, then I realize that he has a bandage over his blue sweater. His right arm and shoulder are harnessed in a kind of brace. Interview ruined. I wanted to talk about physical strength, muscles, mythology of masculinity … “And instead I look like a wreck”. What happened to you? “I have an old cartilage problem in my shoulder, but it has nothing to do with the film. It’s something I’ve been dragging for years, something that doesn’t stop me from doing the things I do, but that sometimes reminds me that I’m not a kid anymore.


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