Daniel Russo: 45+ Years of Love with Lucie, His Blonde Love at First Sight


This Sunday night at 9:05 pm, TFX will be airing the movie Les Trois Frères: Le Retour, starring Daniel Russo as Dany, the wealthy stepfather of Michaël Latour, played by Antoine du Merle. The actor’s life, and specifically his relationship with Lucie, will be in the spotlight. In 2015, he told Gala magazine that it was “the most beautiful meeting of my life”. Daniel Russo remembers it as if it were yesterday: “The first time I saw her was in 1974 on stage. The little blonde in the second row, she’s beautiful. I was hypnotized.” This love at first sight was mutual and they were married the following year, welcoming their two daughters Amanda and Charlotte. While Daniel Russo continued his career, Lucie put her young acting career on hold to focus on her family life. In another interview, he spoke of that moment when his gaze and that of Lucie crossed: “I look through the peephole before we play to see if [my friends who came to see my play] were well placed, and then I don’t know why, I stumble upon a beautiful young blonde girl”. In 2018, the actor confirmed to info-chalon that he was still madly in love with his wife: “The love of my life, I also had it through the theater, so through my passion, it’s crazy. I’m still with my wife, whom I love more and more, with whom I had two beautiful daughters, whom I call all the time, when I’m in the train, when I arrive at the hotel. It’s a sublime moment !”. Daniel Russo’s beautiful love story with Lucie is still going strong, and we are glad to hear it!


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