Dany Boon : his brother, accused of making money through the coronavirus, is explained


Seven years ago, Philippe Hamidou, the brother of Dany Boon, became a pizzaiolo (pizza maker). A case that turns out well, and which he maintained in spite of the containment. What are dealing with a user, who accused him of take advantage of the health crisis.

France is almost at the end of this month of march. While Emmanuel Macron has asked the citizens to limit their travel, many institutions have had to close their doors. Only essential shops – such as grocery stores, banks or pharmacies – have the right to pursue their activity. This is the case of Philippe Hamidou, the brother of Dany Boon, who runs a pizza truck. The vendor has been authorized to continue the sale, and travel the roads of the Armentiérois. “We spent sleepless nights waiting for the official permission “, he breathed in the columns of the voice of The North. But like many of his colleagues, the pizzaiolo (pizza maker) 49-year-old has found a sharp decline in attendance. A few days ago, it has sold thirty pizzas a night when he delivers usually the double, or sixty. “In normal times, I manage eight orders per quarter of an hour. I went to three so that there are not too many people in front of the truck,” explains the conservator.

Philippe Hamidou responds to criticism of his detractors

Phillippe Hamidou has yet found a nice parade to increase its turnover : it offers a delivery service to destination frail. An approach of caring and solidarity, which, however, has not convinced everyone. As revealed by the voice of The North, a user is said to be revolted by the methods of the business man and accuses him of making money on the crisis and the distress of some people. Charges so foul that the brother of Dany Boon felt compelled to respond. “If we are there, it is because our trade to help people, but also because I want to save the jobs of two of my employees “, she defends it as well. But the pizzaiolo (pizza maker is not even sure to happen : “For the month of march, it’s going to go, we are not in the negative, I could sure pays. For April, we’ll see “. A situation is unclear in which there are very many business leaders French.


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