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David Bisbal’s viral video: Details on “How Are the Machines?”

David Bisbal’s Phenomenal Greeting

After a few months of hard work, David Bisbal has been able to take a break and talk about what is truly important: the phenomenon of his famous phrase “¿Cómo están los maquinas, lo primero de todo?”. The Almerian has detailed how he experienced becoming viral for a reason other than music.

How It All Started

David Bisbal has spoken to the press and confessed that he had a lot of fun discovering that one of his routine comments had caused so much interest, while he was in the United States. “I was very surprised. It was a phrase that I probably said all my life, since I was a teenager, on the streets of Almería, and one day, when I was travelling, I woke up in Las Vegas and boom!”, he said. “It was at the doors of the Wizink Center (in Madrid) at the exit of a concert. I just did what I had done all my life, greeting my people. I wanted to know how they were. ‘Are you all okay?'”, he said, detailing that it was a complete surprise for him to see the chain reaction of people.

Bisbal’s Fans Love His Humor

Bisbal, who has been warmly applauded for his spontaneity, has confessed that he is a fan of all the memes that have been made of his already mythical greeting. “I have laughed a lot, I have loved the dubbing of the main actors”, he said, referring to a video in which several dubbing actors pronounced his phrase: “There are really ingenious people, I have been amazed”. In addition, he confesses that although he has not yet used his sticker of ‘Cómo están los máquinas’, he has it safely stored away because his friends have made sure to get it to him. We love his good humor!



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