David Civera: Same enthusiasm as when I started


The Artist Behind the Music

David Civera has been keeping a low profile for years, as he has been focused on his family. Nevertheless, in each song he releases, the singer ensures that he puts “the same enthusiasm as when he started”. The artist, who rose to fame when he represented Spain at Eurovision in 2001 with ‘Dile que la quiero’, has already been in the music industry for 25 years and, to celebrate it, he has just released a new song, ‘Vida’.

The Meaning Behind the Song

PRONTO: What does this song represent? DAVID CIVERA: I am lucky that, after so many years, the public continues with me. That is my talisman and that is why I make songs for them. ‘Vida’ is a song that comes from the need to send an optimistic message to people. P.: You say it is a visceral song. Are you also visceral? D.C.: Yes, too much, hahaha. For good and for bad. I am impulsive, although I have learned and now I know how to dose. I feel very balanced in the personal and artistic plane.

25 Years of Career

P.: 25 years of career give for a lot. What has been the best and the worst? D.C.: The best, to dedicate myself to what makes me happy, which is music, and the worst, to see the other side of the industry. Because I have had periods of a lot of pressure, especially at the beginning. P.: What remains of that 17-year-old boy who started in music? D.C.: I have the same enthusiasm as then. I recognize that there have been stages in which not, but a few years ago I reconnected with the child inside me and I promised to enjoy it. My children were responsible for that reunion. I maintain the essence with which I opened my way. P.: You are from Teruel, and you still live there. What makes you most proud of your land? D.C.: The childhood and adolescence I had, what my grandparents taught me and how my parents have taken care of me. Teruel is my refuge, my cradle and inspiration. That is why I still live there and raise my children in this city.


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