Death of Daniel Balavoine : the terrible conditions in which the body of the singer was found

This Tuesday, January 14th, fans of Daniel Balavoine commemorate the 34th anniversary of the death of the singer. A terrible day that Dominique Fillon, a former technician of reports from Europe 1, has assisted.

Daniel Balavoine has left us there are already 34 years old. On January 14, 1986 to 20h, the interpreter, Aziza lost his life in the margins of the Paris-Dakar in a helicopter accident. A drama that will remain etched in the memories of all his fans, but especially of Dominique Fillon, a former technician reports Europe 1. The latter has assisted in the discovery of the lifeless body of the star. On the occasion of the anniversary of the death of the artist, the ex-collaborator of the radio came back on this painful memory as he had been to the crash site , in the company of the journalist Gérard Jouany. “He was the only reporter on the spot, and the rumor in the camp that there had been a helicopter accident, and our mission was to go check it out. This is what we did “, he entrusted on Europe 1.

A sad discovery

“At the time where was the accident, there was more radio links, it was twenty kilometers from the finish line,” explained Dominique Fillon, who has finally found the wreckage of the helicopter thanks to testimonials. A macabre discovery. “We came down, and with flashlights we began to look, in the debris, the people who were there. It was immediately recognized, because we knew them well : Thierry Sabine (the organizer of the rally, ed), François-Xavier Bagnoud who was the pilot of the helicopter, Jean-Paul Le Fur, who was a buddy of RTL. And then we found two corpses that we didn’t recognize “, he continued. One of them was that of Daniel Balavoine.

“The fireman who was there to rummage through the corpses to find their papers. And he discovered that it was Balavoine. We did not know that he was on the run. We were totally unaware of its presence in the helicopter, ” added Dominique Fillon, who revealed that the other corpse non-identifiable was that of Nathalie Odent, a journalist with the Sunday Newspaper. In shock, the former technician of the Europe 1 and the organization of the Paris-Dakar will keep this information confidential until the sad announcement to the families. Since this drama, the ex-employee think of that evening every year.