Death of Linda Cristal, the star of General Hospital, at age 89

Linda Cristal is dead at age 89. This is one of his sons, Jordan Wexler, who announced the sad news to the media. The actress argentina had given the reply to some of the biggest legends of cinema such as John Wayne or Tony Curtis.

The american cinema has learned a bad new this Monday June 29. Jordan Wexler, the son of actress argentina Linda Cristal, announced the death of his mother to the media. As he revealed to the New York Times, the actress died Sunday, June 28, at the age of 89, in her sleep, while she was at his home in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles. The young woman of the time was not drilled to Hollywood immediately. She has been featured in the cast of twelve feature films in south america before landing in the United States. Linda Cristal made her first steps in Comanche, western directed by George Sherman released in 1956. His career is launched : two years later, she is giving the rebuttal to Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh in Holiday in Paris. She will perform also Cleopatra in Legions of Cleopatra in 1959, and then will play in Adamo the side of John Wayne. Linda Crystal has not only been content on the big screen. She has also won several roles in tv series. It has notably been able to see it in the Great Chaparral, Rawhide, and more recently General Hospital in 1988, which will be his last role.

His son announced his death

Private side, Linda Cristal has not had an easy life. His parents die asphyxiated by carbon monoxide in their car. She was only 13 years old. She married a first time at the age of 16 years to the actor Tino Gómez. Their union is cancelled five days later. She married eight years later a business man whom she divorced after only a year of marriage. His last marriage will be with Yale Wexler, actor-turned-real estate agent with whom she has two sons, Gregory and Jordan, sad messenger of death to his mother.